professional gutter cleaning boulder colorado
gutter cleaning boulder colorado


Gutter cleaning is important for maintaining your home. Gutters full of debris during the summer months become a fire hazard according to firefighters.

In the winter, the risk of damage is rain water or melting snow which can overflow and cause damage to the underlying structure of the roof or walls.

Gutter cleaning involves

1. a light pruning if trees are growing against the gutters or roof (because they can cause damage in high winds),
2. sweeping the roof where needed,
3. cleaning the gutters, and
4. clearing the downspouts so the whole system will function properly again.

We also provide a free roof and gutter cleaning report live from your roof, so you can actually see what we did and see what else is going on up there.

If there’s any damage to the roof or gutters you’d want to know about it right away, right? Well, then you will.

How often should your gutters be cleaned?

It depends largely on where you live and, most importantly, how many trees are in your yard. Bob Vecchio, owner of The House Doctors in Cleveland, recommends having gutters maintained in the spring and fall.

“I recommend people calling us in the fall when all of their leaves are down or almost down, says Cedar, Time2Shine Owner, who’s been cleaning gutters professionally since 2001. “In the fall and before snowfall is the best time to have your gutters thoroughly checked, the downspouts cleared.”

Time2Shine serves Boulder and the surrounding cities of Boulder, Colorado and have a good system of cleaning out your gutters. You will not be disappointed! Call us now before the snow falls.