Are you looking for a great work environment where you can work with like-minded people, and with a company that recognizes (and demands) excellence?

Do you want to work with a company that has a vision and a purpose to take home services to a higher level than ever before?

Do you want to work with a company that acknowledges that its’ success depends to a large extent upon your skills, your energy, your ability to relate with clients, and your willingness to pour your heart into serving them?

A company that genuinely cares about you and will compensate you accordingly…

Do you want to see clearly laid out benchmarks of achievement so you know what to shoot for?

Would you also like to work with a company that includes a life insurance policy so after a short probationary period, your family is covered no matter what happens to you?

And what if we also teach a unique wealth building strategy, and offer a retirement package that we contribute to every month on your behalf? This will have a profound effect upon your life.

We open that policy once your first major benchmark in achievement has been reached. And we’ll turn the retirement package over to you after your second year. But we’ll continue to fund it ourselves month after month after month for as long as you continue to work with us?

If you answered yes to these questions, Time2Shine may just be your place to shine too.

As you develop and rise through our company, continuing to meet new benchmarks, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn management and entrepreneurial skills to reach your full potential.

We work in two man teams and are looking to hire a completely new team (a lead man and apprentice) in early March 2019. If this sounds like a work environment where you can thrive (as it is designed to do) and thriving is your goal.

Please contact us today