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We designed it specifically for local non-profits that we like so that we’d be able to support them while also marketing our business. We figure, the more we can support our community the better life is for all of us.

But we get many referrals from our residential clients too because we put our hearts into our work and most people recognize the quality. So once it was all completed we decided to make it available for everyone. This new program makes it possible to reward all our clients for their gutter cleaning referrals.

Just so you know, we intend that those you refer to us, whether they be family, neighbors, colleagues, friends, or clients of yours, they will experience your introduction as a gift and a blessing and that will enhance your relationships.

The affiliate program works like this. You sign up and get a personalized link that we can track back to you when somebody clicks on it. Your contacts can be linked to us via text, email or social media.

If they become a gutter cleaning client of ours then you get a check for $11/referral the following month after their project has been completed and payment processed.

That’s the same amount we pay Google for clients that come to us through their new Local Services platform.

One caveat: the Time2Shine affiliate program is just for gutter cleaning referrals.

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