Who We Are

I moved to Boulder in 2001 from Vancouver Canada. The long drive to Boulder was a kind of a vision quest. On my way here, the commitment was born in me to give myself totally into serving people in whatever I did. I had never made such a commitment before.

Eyes of Shiva is the original name that the company went by from 2002 to 2015 and it thrived from the beginning. There’s no doubt it was because of my commitment and the fact that my clients understood where I was coming from.

In 2015 I brought on two partners, one of whom had been an excellent helper. We started New Morning but all the enjoyment and success ended almost immediately. That project was a disaster for me personally. It was a partnership with the wrong people. Big lesson!

When I asked myself if I wanted to fight against my so-called partners, the reply came back…

“No way! This is not a time to fight. It’s a time to shine.” So I walked away and started Time2Shine.

Our Mission

Serving other people is a spiritual path because it provides an opportunity to put the natural tendency of all animals to be self-centered, aside. We’re all animals and that’s part of the fun because as human beings we’re also born with a higher potential than most of us even realize. The interesting thing is that our ultimate potential cannot be reached through our own efforts alone. Our potential exists in a different realm, a higher realm and therefore can only be reached through what might be called, grace.

Our mission then is simply to treat all of our clients as though we all lived in that higher realm. And our mission is to bring this quest forth in our daily work. All of our employees share this orientation to service and together we strive to offer our services to as many home and commercial property owners as we possibly can.

We’re a systems run business and we’re designed for enjoyable, fulfilling, life-long, client relationships, as well as infinite growth.

Professional Window Cleaning

What We Do

We offer window cleaning and gutter cleaning services as well as power washing.

Since we’re all over the place we’re in an excellent position to notice things. If there’s something that needs tending to, we mention it.

We can do minor repairs if needed and take photos and forward them to property owners if there are bigger issues to be addressed.